January 20, 2008


I know I’ve ranted about the poor sound quality of MP3s before, but I’ve given in and gotten myself an 8G iPod Nano. In the car, what with the engine noise and the road noise, MP3 at 256kbps sounds perfectly acceptable. So, now I have 2.4 days worth of music loaded on it and I’m ready to face my commute. Rock on!

Of course, this new-fangled technology required an upgrade of our ancient computer. While I was at it, I also set up a wireless network so I now am posting on my laptop from the living room. We have finally entered the 21st Century!


christopher said...

Wowee!! You certainly have crossed over to the dark side.

But that's great, man. I've been using my iPod for a couple years now and found that with a good set of headphones to replace those nasty little ear buds the sound is really pretty good.

I'm also really glad to hear you got wireless. It really is great to move the machine around the house and work where you want. I think it will especially assist your writing, since you often write about what you are listening to.

Enjoy it all!!

Rodger Coleman said...

"The Dark Side?" Heh.

You would have been proud of me. I had no confidence going in that I'd be able to transfer data off the old machine, set up the new one and then set up the network and then get my laptop connected to the network - all including a not-very-welcome move to MS-Vista -but somehow, I managed to do it. It took many hours, but I never gave up. Looking back, I'm amazed.

Liz had gone out of town and I wanted her to be able to get *her* iPod working properly, so I was motivated. :-)

Thanks for the comment!

Sam said...

You're scaring me!!! Not the fact that you got an Ipod, but the fact that you were able to do all that fancy computer stuff. I'm ready to crawl into a hole, one with electricity, and just listen to Braxton and read Carl Barks all day long.

Rodger Coleman said...

Sam! The new computer is pretty cool and, to be honest, most of it was pretty straightforward (if time-consuming). I had more problems with my laptop than with the new machine.

Anyway, the new PC has a DVD burner. You know what that means!

Love all the comments!