April 6, 2008

King Crimson in Nashville

I love living in Nashville.

I knew King Crimson was going to re-configure and tour the U.S. this summer and I knew, because frontman/guitarist, Adrian Belew, lives in nearby Mt. Juliet, that any rehearsals (and recordings) would likely take place there. It was also likely that KC would likely play some “warmup” shows in Nashville before heading out on tour. What was surprising was how easy it was to get tickets: only $25 – general admission! Wahoo!

The Belcourt Theatre is a tiny, 300-seat movie theatre in Hillsboro Village that has recently taken to hosting live music events and, needless to say, this will be an intensely intimate environment in which to witness the ferocious beauty of King Crimson.

Let’s just hope no one tries to take a photograph; leader/guitarist Robert Fripp is notorious for walking off stage at the first flash. Then again, for only $25, the spectacle would be worth it. [UPDATE: just kidding!!!]



Anonymous said...

I'm also very excited about the King Crimson shows in Nashville. I'm taking my son to the Saturday show but I'm wondering what time I should arrive in order to get good seats. Any suggestions? Also, can you recommend a good hotel near the Belcourt?

tardistraveler said...

Well, there really aren't any BAD seats in the Belcourt, it's so small. If you want to get really close though, I'd arrive at least a couple of hours ahead of the show.

The closest hotels are probably on nearby West End Avenue - there's a Holiday Inn, Day's Inn, Vanderbilt Plaza . . . If you're looking via a web site look for West End area, or Vanderbilt area to see the choices.

Anonymous said...

This should be a great show. I'm tempted to bring a disposable camera with flash just to see the childish tantrum Rodney Toady throws. Honestly, will he grow up?

Rodger Coleman said...

Please don't!

It always amazes me when people comment on my blog. How did you all find it? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Your blog (with link) was referenced on the Discipline Global Mobile site

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm feanch from Paris and I'm going to see both King Crimson's shows in Nashville in the Belcourt. I'm coming with a friend of mine we are very excited to see for the first time our heroes on stage ! We are looking for a place to stay for a few days (we are probably coming 2 days before the show ) and don't know where to sleep for a very low budget...Please HELP ! We need the Crimso's fans support! Au revoir, thank you in advance !

PS:This is my email adress: virgile_cactus@hotmail.fr

Rick Dutkiewicz said...

"It always amazes me when people comment on my blog. How did you all find it? Just curious."

Your blog was also mentioned, with link, on the Porcupine Tree - Dark Matter forum.

As far as calling Fripp "childish" in regards to being exacting about the necessary environment for KC's musical explorations; I don't blame him one bit. Musicians are treated like trained circus animals and crowds can be rude and obnoxious at times.

It's not "childish" to demand a modicum of respect. The truly "childish" ones are those who don't understand the words "respect" or "discipline".

The world is very short on good manners. If we wish to get rid of adult childishness, we all need to be better examples to our children.

Sorin said...

Certainly, Fripp is entitled to behave as an insufferable, pompous fool, and can set the conditions for the performance of the band as he chooses, but one thing- it is a rock gig, pure and simple. It is not a frigging church service.

belewhale said...

Hi Rodger :)
I certainly envy you and your living in such close proximity to the Adrian (Studio)Belew/ABPT/King Crimson (in the U.S.) epicentre.... It seems that the area is never short on gigs - unlike up here in Canada....the great drought continues! What I wouldn't give to attend one of these Belcourt warm-up gigs....
Which leads me to my question - Sid has posted over on DGMLive, various photo's of the rehearsing Crim - I wondered if the group photo (with the cast in full acoutrement on-stage) was taken at the Belcourt? I thought, with your local knowledge, you might recognize it from these shots.... It would make sense to me that the guys would rehearse in the same venue as the one they are soon to be playing these warm-up shows..... Then, maybe not. Just a thought.

Oh, and I fully agree with you regarding RF.... I believe he has well and truly paid his dues. And the bottom line is - if you don't care for his requirements, then don't bother coming - simple as that :)


Rodger Coleman said...

Wow! Thank you for all the comments!

RE: Hotels/place to stay. Tardistraveler is correct. There are no hotels really close to the Belcourt and this town is not exactly pedestrian-friendly. But there are sidewalks in the Vandy/Hillsboro/Belmont area - just be careful! Sorry I can't help with a place to stay, but perhaps other readers can?

RE: Flash photography & Fripp. My tongue was most definitely in my cheek when I stated it would be worth $25 for the spectacle. While I have the utmost respect for Fripp in the sense that he is genuinely trying to be ethical (not just difficult)in an unethical world, the concomitant demands on the audience are unlikely to be realized in the real world. I respect him for trying and will honor his wishes.

The other thing is that anyone who uses a cheapo flash camera in a concert situation is an idiot. The flash does no good and it annoys Fripp. So, in that sense, who can blame Fripp for being p/o'd?

RE: Sorin writes: "it is a rock gig, pure and simple. It is not a frigging church service"

I would reply that a rock gig is not so different from a church service in terms of what one could ideally experience. I agree with Rick: I do not mind according it a modicum of respect.

RE: Belewhale: I don't think that's the Belcourt theatre but, would imagine a pro rehearsal hall somewhere in Music City, but I could be wrong. Sad to say, I have never seen anything at the Belcourt. (I know, I'm lame.)

Welcome all, and please feel free to hang around.


Anonymous said...

You are very lucky.

I just bought my ticket for one of the Chicago shows and, after the usual Ticketmaster gouging, it comes to over $80.

Totally worth it, mind you. But I must say I envy those $25 specials you get down there in Music City.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, by the way.

We have a pretty good free jazz scene going on in Chicago these days.

Anyway, I'll bookmark you.