June 13, 2009

Playlist 6-13-09

* Musica Florea: Schloss Eggenberg, Graz, Austria 9-1-08 (FM CDR)
* Handel: Organ Concertos, Op.4 (AAM/Egarr) (Harmonia Mundi SACD)
* J.S. Bach: Suites for Violoncello (Jaap ter Linden) (Harmonia Mundi 2CD)
* Cecil Taylor: Love for Sale (United Artists/Blue Note CD)
* Cecil Taylor: Conquistador! (Blue Note CD)
* Andrew Hill: Passing Ships (Blue Note CD)
* Andrew Hill: Lift Every Voice (Blue Note CD)
* Herbie Hancock: The Prisoner (Blue Note CD)
* Stevie Wonder: Talking Book (Tamla LP)
* Steely Dan: Aja (ABC/Cisco LP)
* ABC: The Look of Love (Mercury LP)
* Emmylou Harris: All I Intended to Be (Nonesuch CD)
* Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde (mono) (Sundazed LP)
* Grateful Dead: Springfield Coliseum, Springfield, MA 3/25/85 (first set) (SBD CDR)
* The Who: Sell Out (Deluxe Edition) (Polydor 2CD)
* Robert Pollard: Coast to Coast Carpet of Love (Merge LP)
* Cosmos: Jar of Jam, Ton of Bricks (HJRR LP)
* The Mekons: Fear and Whiskey (Sin ¬ UK LP)
* The Mekons: Crime & Punishment (Sin – UK 12”EP)
* The Mekons: The Edge of the World (Sin – UK LP)
* The Mekons: Slightly South of the Border (Sin – UK 10”EP)
* The Ex: “Stonestampers Song” (Ex Records – UK 7”)
* The Ex: 6 (Ex Records – Holland 6-7” + 1-12”)
* Hüsker Dü: Metal Circus (SST 12”EP)
* The Minutemen: Paranoid Time (SST 7”EP)
* The Minutemen: Joy (SST 7”EP)
* The Minutemen: The Punch Line (SST 12”EP)
* Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation (Goofin’ 4LP)
* Sonic Youth: The Eternal (Matador 2LP/CD)
* Sonic Youth: Battery Park, NYC July 4th, 2008 (Matador promo-LP + FLAC)
* Died Pretty: “Winterland” / “Wig Out” (acoustic) (Citadel – Australia 7”)
* Died Pretty: “Towers of Strength” / “From a Buick 6” (Blue Mosque – Australia 7”)
* Beck: Odelay (Bongload Custom LP)
* Beck: “Diamond Bollocks” b/w “Runners Dial Zero” (Bongload Custom 7”)


Sam said...

That's a lot of getting up and down, putting on all those EPs, isn't it? Do you have a stacker? JUST KIDDING. har har

I love seeing your playlists. With the Stevie, if your record is anything like mine, the Tamla pressing sucks. Those old Tamla LPs never cut it for me. Of course, they were played to death. But still, this is one area where the CD is definitely an improvement, to my ears.

I actually pulled out some vinyl a couple of days ago: Wayne Shorter, "All-Seeing Eye," and "Ice Cream Cakes" by the Jeff Beck Group. Great fun.

Rodger Coleman said...

I pulled out my box of seven inches and was having some fun on Saturday.

My Stevie Wonder LPs actually sound pretty good to me. I don't have any of the CDs.

Jeff Beck? Now that's a surprise! I used to love those fusiony records like "Blow By Blow" but sold them off long ago. I should look for 'em in the bargain bins...

Sam said...

Beck should be no surprise--after all, there he is on "Talking Book"!

I got rid of my fusion-y beck records too, but I still have both of the Jeff Beck Group albums (the 2nd iteration, the one with Bobby tench on vocals, not Rod Stewart). Love the drummer, Cody Powell. I have a soft spot in my heart for both those LPs.

Rodger Coleman said...

Jeff Beck plays on "Talking Book?" I should read liner notes more carefully!

Sam said...

Yep--"Looking for another pure love." You can even hear Stevie say, "Play it, Jeff" during the solo.