September 25, 2009

Tennessee State Fair: The End?

After 103 years, the Tennessee State Fair may be coming to an end. The Mayor of Nashville, Karl Dean, announced that the City will no longer fund the fair and is looking to sell the fairgrounds. (Despite its name, the fair is a Nashville event and the state government has nothing to do with it.) Many don’t care, but I think it’s sad. These photographs may be boring, but I’m glad I documented for myself what might be the very last Tennessee State Fair.


Anonymous said...

PS - the city does not fund the fair, by the way...the state fair is and always has been self-funded. The "reserves" he refers to as depleted are funds that the fair raised on its own and has had in savings for tough economic times such as these. It's a cop-out, the fair doesn't drain metro funds...metro has drained the fair's funds over the past 5 years. I wish someone would find out the real story. Just once.

Rodger Coleman said...

Interesting. I have noticed that the news reporting has been very sketchy and I'm not surprised to hear that there is more to the story than folks are being led to believe.

Thank you for your comment, and if you learn any more about this story, please let me know.