May 5, 2010

Videos from the Flood

As promised, here are a few videos of the flooding here in Kingston Springs. The first one is from Saturday, May 1, 2010 and shows the bridge at the bottom of our road. The river is already extremely high, but the bridge is traversable and you can see that the old trestle and railroad bridges are still intact:

This one shows the water overflowing the bridge on Sunday, May 2. Note that the left side of the old trestle bridge has been wiped out completely. The violence of the raging river is awe inspiring. No wonder the road was ripped apart:

Finally, the most horrifying video of all: a big beautiful house on East Kingston Springs Road being picked up off its foundations and floating away. This one is painful for me to watch, but it really captures the unprecedented destruction of this storm:

Now playing: Bob Dylan,"High Water (for Charley Patton)."


Sam said...

Damn--pretty intense. That house floating away--those poor people!

Rodger Coleman said...

Yeah, just heartbreaking. For me, it's been massively inconvenient. But for these people, it's apocalyptic.