September 12, 2010

Sun Ra Sunday


When there is confusion
Chaos reigns with multi-dimensional song
Where like some bird
Sound ecstatic
To fly around the crossroads
Whence dimensions meet
And wind their way
Of circular paths spiral outwardly.

-- Sun Ra


Anonymous said...

first time commentor - many time 'sun ra sunday' reader...

so, ijwts, many, many thanks for all the wonderful reviews of sun ra. getting good, well written reviews (or any kinds of in-depth reviews, for that matter) of sun ra is nigh impossible to find - except for you! reading them is like having a one way conversation - i listen to you and go 'a-huh, yup, yeah, okay'. and then i relisten to the album(s). i look forward to many more. we are out there, reading!

I-) ihor

Rodger Coleman said...

Thank you so much for the comment, Ihor! I have long appreciated the contributions you make to the Sun Ra mailing list.

I've been taking a little bit of a break from the reviews (got some other Sun Ra-related projects in the works) but I'm looking forward to getting back into it in a couple weeks. There are some really special albums coming up!

Anyway, I had been feeling a little burned out and wondering what the point was of all this writing, but knowing you're out there reading makes it worthwhile. Thanks again for posting a comment!

Anonymous said...

what i particularly like is that you write as a musician, as someone who knows what music is, that you write about how the music is made - what we hear in terms of chords, time, keys, modality, etc. that gives a better insight, a better understanding, maybe even a better appreciation of what is played.

I-) ihor