October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!, originally uploaded by Rodger Coleman.


Sam said...


I've had a Halloween tradition for the last few years--I play two things throughout the evening: one is a fantastic Halloween mix tape made for me by the powerful Walter Powers, back in the early '90s: "Halloween Hi-Jinx." The other is Sun Ra's organ extravaganza "Hiroshima"--what could be more frightening than a programmatic ode to one of the most horrific events of all time?

Rodger Coleman said...

I wish we got trick-or-treaters out here--there's certainly lots of SCARY music in my collection. Basically it was another Sunday night, except I ate some candy.

Would love to hear Walter Powers's mix tape!

Re: "Hiroshima" well, now that IS scary.

Anonymous said...

what is that little brown 'box' with the skeleton on it? kind-a-cool lookin'!

I-) ihor