December 29, 2010

Street Art

Street Art 01, originally uploaded by Rodger Coleman.

I had the pleasure of meeting my beautiful wife for lunch this afternoon and, although it was a dreary day, I brought my new camera downtown and took a few photos. I'm glad I did. I had never before noticed this piece of urban street art, painted on a boarded up window of an abandoned building on Commerce Street--but, today, the drawing's disarming simplicity and vibrant colors immediately caught my eye. I was stopped in my tracks! Perhaps it was the weather or the post-holiday blues--whatever--I was touched by the enigmatic, childish glee so vividly expressed in this piece. Thank you to the anonymous artists for ennobling this derelict structure and brightening a grey winter day.

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MilesOfTrane said...

Looking for street art is a great way to spend a day. This link is to my pics from the Leake Street Tunnel in London.