February 13, 2011

Sun Ra Sunday


Truth is bad
Or truth is good
It depends upon where
And how and who you are.
The word truth must be considered carefully
And the precepts of that which is called truth
Must be equationized and balanced
And understood.
Or else, it must be abandoned
And another truth placed in its place.
This is the idea of the greater age
The outer worlds of etherness
This is the word from the Cosmic-Cosmo-Tomorrow.

--Sun Ra


Anonymous said...

I have a Sun Ra question for you:

I have heard that there are hundreds of compositions in Sun Ra's Discipline series. However, when I look through the chunk of his discography I've managed to get my grubby paws on, I notice much less Disciplines than that. Are the songs given regular titles? I was expecting them to be numbered. What's the story?


Anonymous said...

One more comment.

The Norton releases of Sun Ra doo-wop outtakes/rehearsals has some really great moments on them. (I've heard two of the three). Have you heard them?