July 2, 2011

Playlist Week of 7-02-11

Wall of Music

* J.S. Bach: Motets (La Chapelle Royale/Collegium Vocale/Herreweghe) (Harmonia Mundi CD)
* Scriabin: Complete Symphonies (Deutsches Symphonie-Orch. Berlin/Jablonksi) (d.3)(Decca 3CD)
* Lachenmann: Kontrakadenz, etc. (SWR Stuttgart/Gielen, et al.) (Kairos CD)
* Django Reinhardt: The Classic Early Recordings in Chronological Order (d.2-3) (JSP 5CD)
* John Coltrane: A Love Supreme (Impulse! SACD)
* Sun Ra: It Is Forbidden: At The Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival In Exile (Alive/Total Energy CD)
* Sun Ra: Jazz Showcase, Chicago, IL 9-08-74 (AUD CDR)
* Sun Ra: Dance Of The Living Image: Lost Reel Collection, Vol.4 (Transparency 2CD)
* Sun Ra: Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA 12-11-74 (AUD 2CDR)
* Mahavishnu Orchestra: Visions Of The Emerald Beyond (Columbia LP)
* Stanley Clarke: School Days (Epic/Friday Music LP)
* LTJ Bukem: Journey Inwards (Kinetic 2CD) †/‡
* 13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sounds of… (International Artists/Charly CD)
* 13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere (International Artists/Charly CD)
* 13th Floor Elevators: “Live” (International Artists/Charly CD)
* 13th Floor Elevators: Bull Of The Woods (International Artists/Charly CD)
* Grateful Dead: Fillmore West 1969: The Complete Recordings (d.1-2) (GDP/Rhino 10CD)
* Grateful Dead: Steppin’ Out With the Grateful Dead: England ‘72 (d.1-3) (GDP/Arista 4CD)†/‡
* Grateful Dead: Winterland, June 1977: The Complete Recordings (d.1-3) (GDP/Rhino 9CD)
* Neil Young: Freedom (Reprise LP)
* Grateful Dead: Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, UNLV, Las Vegas, NV 5-21-95 (SBD 3CDR)
* The Band: Rock Of Ages (Capitol/MoFi SACD)
* Big Star: #1 Record (Ardent/Classic LP)
* Big Star: Radio City (Ardent/Classic LP)
* King Crimson: Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (DGM CD)†
* King Crimson: Starless And Bible Black (DGM CD)†
* King Crimson: USA (DGM CD)†
* King Crimson: Discipline (DGM CD)†
* King Crimson: Beat (DGM CD)†
* King Crimson: Three Of A Perfect Pair (DGM CD)†
* Jakszyk, Fripp & Collins: A Scarcity Of Miracles (DVD-A) (Inner Knot CD/DVD-A)
* Japan: Oil On Canvas (Virgin 2LP)
* David Sylvian: Gone To Earth (Virgin 2LP)
* Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition) (Goofin’ 4LP)
* Spacemen 3: Perfect Prescription (Genius CD)
* Lifeguards: Waving At The Astronauts (Serious Business CD)†/‡
* Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity (Kill Rock Stars CD)
* Deerhoof: Offend Maggie (Kill Rock Stars CD)



I’m still having too much fun with the new camera to sit still and write anything—and besides, it’s a holiday weekend here in the USA. So y'all just take it easy and enjoy yourselves. There will be more blather from me in due time. . .Until then, “Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World.”

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Sam said...

Here's my rockin' in the free world, from way back week before last:

Playlist 2011-07-04:

*Morton Feldman: Morton Feldman Festival 2008-02-10 Amsterdam (CDR) disc 1
*Marshall Allen/Matthew Shipp/Joe Morris: 2010-08-08 Newport (CDR)
*Duke Ellington: The Complete 1936-1940 Variety, Vocalion, and Okeh Small Group Sessions (discs 4-7)
*Coleman Hawkins: The Bebop Years (disc 1)
*Billie Holiday: Ken Burns jazz compilation
*Sun Ra: Angels and Demons at Play/Nubians of Plutonia
*Sun Ra: Universe in Blue
*Sun Ra: 1974-09-08 Jazz Showcase, Chicago (CDR)
*Cecil Taylor Unit: 1976-07-14 Bremen (CDR)
*Deerhoof: Deerhoof Vs. Evil
*Grateful Dead: 1973-12-06 Cleveland (CDR) disc 3
*Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live at Winterland
*High Llamas: Buzzle Bee
*High Llamas: Talahomi Way
*Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks: Real Emotional Trash
*Dean Martin: Greatest Hits
*Shirelles: The Very Best of the Shirelles
*Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation
*2 Many DJs: 2006-01-22 Australia (CDR)

Reading List 2011-07-04:

*Martin, George R.R. A Feast for Crows (reread/started)
*Martin, George R.R. A Storm of Swords (reread/started/finished)
*Martin, George R.R. A Clash of Kings (reread/finished)
*Arabian Nights: Tales of 1001 Nights (transl. Malcolm C. Lyons) Vol. 2 (in progress)
*Campbell, Eddie. Alec: The Years Have Pants (A Life-Size Omnibus) (in progress)
*Ebert, Roger. The Great Movies II (in progress)
*Gifford, Don, and Robert J. Seldman. Ulysses Annotated, rev. and expanded ed. (in progress)
*Joyce, James. Ulysses (reread/in progress)
*Meyerowitz, Rick. Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead (in progress)
*Segar, E.C. The Complete E.C. Segar Popeye Vol. 8 (Dailies 1932-1933) (in progress)
*Sim, Dave. Cerebus, Vol. 1 (in progress)