April 1, 2012

Sun Ra Sunday

This doesn't have much of anything to do with Sun Ra, but All The Notes, a documentary about the amazing pianist, Cecil Taylor, is too cool not to mention here. This is no pirated bootleg: MVD Entertainment Group has generously uploaded the entire 70-minute video to YouTube. Enjoy!

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Jean K said...

Thanks for this Rodger. I think Mr Ra would approve! I bought this on DVD on a trip to NYC a few years back and because of a faulty copy I've never seen the last 12 minutes before. I'm shut away for the holiday weekend with two writing deadlines but I decided to take a handful of records with me - including some Cecil Taylor.

I've continued to mine your excellent blog over the last couple of weeks and I've just enjoyed your reassessment of Zappa from last year. A stunning 35 minutes of the Roxy film has rather mysteriously appeared on Youtube and it reminded me how much I loved this particular band. http://youtu.be/rorBj5i21A8

I also continue to be amused about the similarity in our musical tastes. I'm not much of an iPod listener but I think you'll see what I mean at www.last.fm/user/johnkieffer2
Back to work ....