January 10, 2013

Mary Halvorson @ Spectrum Culture

Mary Halvorson 2012-12-01b

My interview with Mary Halvorson has finally been posted over at Spectrum Culture - it's so long, they broke it into two parts: here's Part 1 and Part 2.

You know, I'm new to this whole journalism thing and really have no idea how to conduct an interview. I am, quite happily, an amateur, that is, a lover of music. It was a challenge for me to condense our rambling one-hour conversation into a semi-worthwhile article and while it was great fun for me to get to chat with her, I have to admit: it's not exactly scintillating journalism. Well, live and learn.

If anyone's interested, I might post the entire 12,000-word transcript on the blog at a later date.


Jean K said...

Great interview. Bring on the director's cut!

Rodger Coleman said...

Thank you Jean K! That's one vote for the unedited transcript. Anyone else?

David Atherton said...

To quote my sister, "Hells yeah!"
Really loved reading this version, and would love to read the whole thing!