March 3, 2013

Sun Ra Sunday

So now we enter an extremely prolific period in Sun Ra's career: the live double-album, Unity (released on the Italian Horo label); two Saturn LPs derived from an appearance at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago; and one last solo piano set in Venezia - and that's just the rest of 1977! '78 is even more crazy! This is a lot of material to cover and I'm simply not able to keep up a once-a-week schedule and still do the music any kind of justice. Sorry!

In the meantime, enjoy the amusing photo above and a poem by the (space)man himself, which speaks to my predicament:


We must not say no to ourselves
For the greater deed
We must not say can't
If it is imperative that we should
We must not synchronize with anything
Less than art-wise dignity
It is either that we are cosmic giants of
Achievement, or something less than the
Greater super self
Across the thunder bridge of time
We rush with lightning feet to join
Hands with those
The friends of seers who truly say
And truly do.

-- Sun Ra

See you next week!


Sam said...

I love that photo!! Where did you dig that up? "Let me show you some of my Saturns"....

Jean K said...

Hi Rodger
A friend asked me to put together a list of Sun Ra albums together for them. I stuck it on Tumblr of course full of links to NuVoid: