April 7, 2013

Sun Ra Sunday

Ash Ra Tempel LP

OK, not Sun Ra, but Ash Ra Tempel--a different kind of space music.

Today, I went with my nephew to the semi-regular record show at the Holiday Inn over by the airport. It can be a hit or miss affair, with a lot of overpriced junk--and you have to get there early before everything has been picked over. But there was a new guy there today with boxes and boxes of rare old prog LPs in amazingly good condition. OMG! Needless to say, he was instantly mobbed by fanatical collectors (as usual, the place was packed). When I saw this early pressing of Ash Ra Tempel's first (and best) album, with the triple center-gatefold sleeve and minty vinyl, well I could not resist (despite the sphincter-tightening pricetag). I bought a bunch of other cool stuff and he gave me a  really good deal on the lot, so I am a super-happy record nerd. It really is a fantastic, totally cosmic album and almost impossible to find.

Of course, I spent the rest of the day cleaning and spinning LPs and the time has gotten away from me. Sorry about that! I'll pick up where we left off with rare Sun Ra records next week.

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