August 28, 2013

Nice Review of "Indeterminate" @ Free Jazz Blog

A downright rave review of Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: "Indeterminate (Improvisations for Piano and Drums)" was posted today by Paul Acquaro at Free Jazz Blog, the premiere site for online reviews of this sort of music. I am beyond amazed!

I appreciate how Mr. Acquaro particularly praises the sound quality:
This concert recording is captured nicely, you can hear the attack of the percussion balanced with the fury of the piano. It's dense music, but not without space. 
All credit for that goes to my nephew, Brian Totoro who beautifully engineered the recording under extraordinary time constraints while combatting various technical difficulties. Bravo, Brian!

You can stream the entire recording at Nuvoid Jazz Records or order the deluxe CD (or purchase a download) by clicking the link below. Thank you for your interest and support!

Rodger Coleman: Indeterminate (Improvisations for Piano and Drums)

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george said...

I saw your Cd last month in one of the (awesome) Everyday Music stores in Portland, Oregon. Curiously it was in the Ornette Coleman section and priced at $8.95 ! (I already bought my copy here or I'da bought it)