October 12, 2014

Playlist Week of 2014-10-11

* J.S. Bach: Cello Suites (Jaap ter Linden) (d.1) (Brilliant Classics 2CD)
* Django Reinhardt: The Classic Early Recordings in Chronological Order (d.3) (JSP 5CD)
* Creative Construction Company: Vol. II (Muse LP)
* Alice Coltrane: Eternity (Warner Bros. LP)
* Larry Coryell: Offering (Vanguard LP)
* David Wertman Sun Ensemble: Earthly Delights (Sweet Earth LP)
* Tatsuya Nakatani: Present Presence (Nakatani-Kobo CD)
* Assif Tsahar/Tatsuya Nakatani: I Got It Bad (Hopscotch CD)
* Loren Mazzacane Connors: Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Vol.1-9 (d.1) (Ecstatic Yod 4CD)
* Buddy Miles: A Message To The People (Mercury LP)
* George Duke: Dream On (Epic LP)
* Rasa: Everything You See Is Me (Iskcon LP)
* Pearls Before Swine: One Nation Underground (ESP-Disk’ LP)
* Grateful Dead: Boston Garden, Boston, MA 1991-09-26 (selections) (SBD 2CDR)
* Wichita Fall: Life Is But A Dream (Liberty LP)
* Spirit: Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus (Epic LP)
* Klaatu: Klaatu (Capitol LP)
* Nektar: A Tab In The Ocean (Passport LP)
* Kayak: See See The Sun (Harvest LP)
* Gong: Shamal (Virgin LP)
* Stomu Yamashta: Go (Island LP)
* Cordon Bleu: Solution (Rocket/MCA LP)
* David Muse: Tonal Alchemy (Deva LP)
* Lucifer: Black Mass (MCA LP)
* Emerald Web: Lights Of The Ivory Plains (Fortuna LP)
* Peter Gordon: Star Jaws (Lovely LP)
* Bongwater: Double Bummer (Shimmy Disc 2LP)
* Porcupine Tree: Stars Die: The Delirium Years 1991-1997 (KScope 2CD) †/‡
* Porcupine Tree: The Sky Moves Sideways (KScope 2CD)†
* Anathema: Distant Satellites (KScope CD+DVD)
* Earth: A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction (Southern Lord 2LP)
* Earth: 2: Special Low Frequency Version (Sub Pop 2LP)
* Wye Oak: Shriek (Merge LP) (†)
* Goat: World Music (Rocket LP)
* Goat: Commune (Sub Pop LP)
* London Grammar: If We Wait (Columbia 2LP)



Well, after 15+ years of love and abuse, my Yamaha digital piano has ceased functioning and is virtually unplayable. It being so old, parts are impossible to get and wouldn't be worth the expense to repair even if you could find them. So while I am heartbroken, the good news is that I have ordered a new one - and Clavinovas have come a long, LONG way in the last decade-and-a-half. I am really excited about having a new, improved instrument but it will be few weeks until it arrives, unfortunately. In the meantime, I feel like my hands have been cut off! At least I have synthesizers, guitars and drums to bang around on while I wait. 


Yes, Cosmologies was recorded on an ancient digital piano - how about that? You can get your copy digitally or on deluxe vinyl at Bandcamp. Don't sleep - the strictly limited edition of 200 LPs is almost half-way sold out!

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Sam said...

Excited about the new piano! Can't wait to hear what you do with it.

Here are my lists from last week:

Playlist 2014-10-13:

*John Cage: The Complete String Quartets Vol. 1 (Arditti Quartet)
*Shostakovich: The String Quartets (Emerson String Quartet) (discs 1, 2)
*Various artists: District of Noise Vol. 6: A Compilation of Experimental Music from Washington DC
*Tim Berne: Snakeoil
*Anthony Braxton/Falling River Music Quartet: 2012-10-11 Ulrichsberg, Austria (CDR)
*Duke Ellington: At the Cotton Club (disc 1)
*Herbie Hancock: Empyrean Isles
*Freddie Hubbard: Ready for Freddie
*Freddie Hubbard:The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
*Freddie Hubbard: Breaking Point
*Jackie McLean: One Step Beyond
*Jackie McLean: Destination... Out!
*Jackie McLean: ‘Bout Soul
*Roscoe Mitchell Quartet: 2009-06-28 Tivoli (CDR)
*Grachan Moncur III: Evolution
*Tony Oxley Quintet: 1974-03-18 London (CDR)
*Tony Oxley Sextet: 1976-10-28 London (CDR)
*Tony Oxley Quartet: 1976-06-20 Hamburg (CDR)
*Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: The Eleventh Hour
*Harold Rubin/Barre Phillips/Tatsuya Nakatani: 3 on a Thin Line
*Pharoah Sanders: Live at the East
*Matthew Shipp Trio: 2012-11-10 London (CDR)
*Sun Ra: Live at Slug’s Saloon (discs 3, 4)
*Sun Ra Arkestra: 1979-07-14 The Hague, Netherlands (CDR)
*Weather Report: Mr. Gone
*Weather Report: 8:30 (side 4)
*Lester Young: Classic Columbia, Okeh, and Vocalion Lester Young with Count Basie (1936-1940) (discs 3, 4)
*Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: La Novia
*B-52’s: Cosmic Thing
*William Bell: The Soul of a Bell
*William Bell: A Little Something Extra
*Muffins: 1977 Washington DC (CDR) (disc 1)
*Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
*Various artists: Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound (disc 1)

Reading List 2014-10-13:

*Erikson, Steven. Gardens of the Moon (reread/started)
*Winters, Ben H. Countdown City (started/finished)
*Barth, John. “Click” in Atlantic Monthly (Dec. 1997) (finished)
*Dickens, Charles. Dombey and Son (finished)
*Ellroy, James. Perfidia (finished)
*Spacks, Patricia Meyer. On Rereading (in progress)