January 11, 2015

Playlist Week of 2015-01-10


* Erasmus van Rotterdam: In Praise of Folly (Hespèrion XXI, et al./Savall) (Alia Vox 3SACD)
* Sun Ra: Sign of the Myth (Roaratorio LP)
* Don Cherry: Organic Music Society (Caprice 2LP)
* Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Paris Sessions (Arista/Freedom 2LP)
* Kilimanjaro: Kilimanjaro (Philo LP)
* Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: Heeltop Home Studio 2014-12-29 (WAV)
* Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: Heeltop Home Studio 2014-12-30 (WAV)
* William Onyeabor: Box Set 2 (d.1-2) (Luaka Bop 4LP+7”)
* D’Angelo & The Vanguard : Black Messiah (RCA CD)
* Grateful Dead: Amsterdam 5/10/72 (selections) (GDP/Rhino 4HDCD)
* The Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord (Deram LP)
* Love: Love (Epic/Sundazed LP)
* Deep Purple: In Rock (Warner Bros. LP)
* Spirit: Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicous (Epic LP)
* Curved Air: Airconditioning (Warner Bros. LP)
* Curved Air: Phantasmagoria (Warner Bros. LP)
* The Eurhythmics: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (RCA LP)
* Steven Wilson: Grace For Drowning (KScope BD)
* Mew: Frengers (Sony 2LP)
* Sleep: Vol.1 (Very Small/Tupelo LP)
* Sleep: The Clarity (Praise Iommi 12”)
* Electric Wizard Dopethrone (Rise Above 2LP)
* Electric Wizard: Let Us Prey (Rise Above 2LP)
* Electric Wizard: We Live (Rise Above 2LP)
* Ensemble Pearl: [ensemble pearl] (Thrill Jockey 2LP)
* Boris & Ian Astbury: BIX (Southern Lord EP)
* YOB: Catharsis (Relapse LP)
* Usnea: Usnea (Orca Wolf LP)
* Inter Arma: Sky Burial (Relapse 2LP)
* Myrkur: Myrkur (Relapse EP)



It's cold outside.

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Sam said...

Brrr! Keeping myself warm (no, -hot-) with the recordings of our December sessions!

Here are my lists from last week:

Playlist 2015-01-12:

*Tommy Birchett: 2014-12-12 MoMA PS1 Print Shop, NYC (streaming)
*Cornelius Cardew: Works 1960-70 (Tilbury/Duch/Davies)
*Cornelius Cardew: Treatise (Prague 1967) (QUaX Ensemble)
*Stan Link/Rodger Coleman: 2014-12-06 Nashville “Concert” (version 2)
*AMM: 1970-03-02 London (CDR)
*Anthony Braxton: 4 Compositions (Ulrichsberg) 2005 Phonomanie VIII (disc 1)
*Anthony Braxton/Tomas Fujiwara/Tom Rainey: Trio (New Haven) 2013 (discs 1, 2)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2014-12-29 Nashville (wav)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2014-12-30 Nashville (wav)
*Colla Parte: 2010-09-19 Fairfax, VA (CDR)
*John Coltrane: Offering: Live at Temple University
*Bill Evans Trio, Lee Konitz, & Warne Marsh: Crosscurrents
*Jimmy Ghaphery: 904F (streaming)
*Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House: Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House
*Roscoe Mitchell: Duets with Tyshawn Sorey and Special Guest Hugh Ragin
*Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: Sign of the Myth
*At the Drive-In: Relationship of Command
*Beatles: Revolver (2009 mono remaster)
*William Bell: The Very Best of William Bell
*D’Angelo and the Vanguard: Black Messiah
*Dope: Felons and Revolutionaries (selections)
*Bob Dylan and The Band: The Basement Tapes- Complete (discs 1-5)
*Grateful Dead: Wake Up to Find Out
*High Llamas: Beet, Maize & Corn
*Pere Ubu: Dub Housing
*Mary Wells: Something New: Motown Lost & Found (disc 1)
*Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun
*Robert Wyatt: Different Every Time

Reading List 2015-01-12:

*Merlin, Enrico. "Code MD: Coded Phrases in the First 'Electric Period'" (started/finished)
*Ratey, John J., and Eric Hagerman. Spark (started)
*Stanley, Thomas. The Execution of Sun Ra (started)
*Tilbury, John. “AMM 1965-71,” from Cornelius Cardew: A Life Unfinished (finished)
*Erikson, Steven. Midnight Tides (reread/in progress