July 9, 2016

Playlist Week of 2016-07-09

* Vivaldi: Cello Sonatas (ter Linden/Mortensen) (Brilliant Classics 2CD)
* Andrew Hill: Grass Roots (Blue Note CD)
* Anthony Braxton Quartet: [Quartet (Sao Paulo) 2014] (SESC 2CD)
* Evan Parker & Matthew Wright: Trance Map (Psi CD)
* Eberhard Weber: The Colours of Chloe (ECM LP)
* Mark Isham: Vapor Drawings (Windham Hill LP)
* Jeff Parker: The New Breed (International Anthem LP)
* Rodger Coleman: Real Gone (NuVoid Jazz/BandCamp WAV)
* Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: Heeltop Home Studio, December 2015 (selections) (WAV)
* Frank Zappa: Lumpy Gravy (Verve LP)
* John Renbourn: The Nine Maidens (Transatlantic LP)
* Amazing Blondel: Fantasia Lindum (Island LP)
* Jade Warrior: Kites (Island LP)
* This Heat: This Heat (Rough Trade/Modern Classics LP)
* This Heat: Deceit (Rough Trade/Modern Classics LP)
* Opeth: Deliverance (Music For Nations/KOCH 2LP)
* Boris: Pink (Deluxe Edition) (Sargent House 3LP)
* Boris: Attention Please (Sargent House LP)
* The Sword: High Country (Razor & Tie 2LP)
* Windhand: Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse 2LP)
* Inter Arma: The Cavern (Relapse LP)
* Inter Arma: Paradise Gallows (Relapse 2LP)
* Usnea: Random Cosmic Violence (Relapse 2-45RPM LP)
* Myrkur: M (Relapse LP)
* Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker: Cannots (Dead Oceans LP)



Ever since I got the Moog Sub 37 (and assembled the Moogerfoogers to build a semi-modular "Moogertron"), I have been recording a ton of music in my home studio. It is in the nature of analog synthesizers that patches are ephemeral and almost impossible to re-create after the fact, so I've pretty much been recording everything.

I've gathered some of this music into my first solo album, Real Gone, now available digitally at BandCamp. These are all live, electronic improvisations incorporating the Moog along with guitar, piano and MIDI synthesizers in various combinations and sequenced as a three-sided LP. I hope you enjoy the journey!


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