October 13, 2007

California (Pt.3): Route 1 North


These pictures don't really capture what it's like. The water is actually hundreds of feet below us and there is no guard rail and it's the windiest, hilliest road I've ever driven - way more extreme than Route 1 around Big Sur. There were definitely times when I couldn't even look - my focus was on the road right in front of me. Breathtakingly (scarily) beautiful scenery, but I constantly felt like I was about to drive off the edge of the earth. Let's put it this way, it took about three hours to drive eighty-five miles. Intense!

(Photos by Lizzy)

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Sam said...

Great to see these pictures, Rodger! When we went to San Francisco a few years back we hit this road, and it is breathtaking. Nice to revisit it through your eyes!