April 10, 2011

Sun Ra Sunday


This is my day
A sunny day
This is my day
With so much to give to all
Bright beams
Striking at the shadows impartially.
This is my day
I have so much to say

Out of the sun colors come
Like spores the rays strike the earth
And forms of being take shape to be
Being raises itself accordingly
To the vibration of the ray to which it synchronizes itself.

The invisible light is the ultra-light . . . . the darkness
The darkness is the cosmo-light . .
The all pervading all
Thus the cosmo-equation of the light
Is that the darkness is as the light
So distinguish the meaning of this
And ultra BE: an Ultra-being.

--Sun Ra


I'll be back with more record reviews next week--I promise!


Anonymous said...
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Rodger Coleman said...

I wish I could read this! Anyone want to translate? :)

Rodger Coleman said...

Russian political spam...interesting! But deleted...