April 24, 2011

Sun Ra Sunday


What can I do to help the world?
What could I do?
It is not my world.
Or at least I think it isn't.
Have I forgotten something?
Am I to blame?
Did I create this?
What did I do wrong?
What does the creation groan and suffer?
If I can help in any way
Should I?
We do not accept each other.
I have so much to offer them.
What do they have to offer me?
They are spiritually poor. I have sympathy
For them, they have no sympathy for me.
What can I do?
I do not wish that they should think or say
I am their god but if I help them - what would
They say?
They have been
Alone so long.

-- Sun Ra


Sorry, folks, time got away from me this week. The next album in the queue is significant and requires more research to write about coherently. I'll have the review up next week (I hope).

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