May 6, 2011

“Indeterminacies” Final Event Next Tuesday, May 10

Zeitgeist Gallery 2011-05-06

Lizzy and I have really enjoyed the “Indeterminacies” series of events at Zeitgeist Gallery (I previously wrote about them here and here) and we are looking forward to attending the final concert of the season on May 10. Hosted by esteemed local architect, L. Lesley Beeman, Jr., the “Indeterminacies” series seeks to do something more than just put on concerts of “new music.” The gallery (the back of which is home to Manuel Zeitlin Architects) is an intimate, yet open and airy space, flanked by two enormous picture windows and hosts tastefully curated exhibits of provocative and exquisite contemporary art. On the second Tuesday of each month in the Spring and Fall, Mr. Beeman invites composers to present their work—and also invites a local moderator to initiate a discussion with the artist and the audience. The composer must be brave, willing to come out from behind the score, so to speak, and confront the audience directly. The ensuing dialogue is often quite illuminating and it’s a rare and delightful opportunity for an attendee at a concert of modern music to interact with composers and musicians (and the moderators) in a comfortable yet artistically stimulating environment. Unlike the rarified, distancing formalism of a “classical music” concert, each event is unique—indeterminate—and always thought-provoking.

Tuesday’s program will feature works by composer Mark Volker, Coordinator of Composition and Assistant Professor of Music at Belmont University. Mr. Volker will present several works, including a new piece for two percussionists, flute, violin, and cello; a set of songs for voice and guitar; a piece for flute entitled, “Deep Winter” and a recent work for electric guitar, interactive electronics and dance. For the latter, Mr. Volker intends to play a video of the dance component during the performance. Sounds like a wonderfully varied and interesting set! The moderator will be Erin Bradfield, a Ph.D. candidate in the philosophy department at Vanderbilt University. Her work in aesthetics “focuses on the moment when you are confronted with a wholly unfamiliar, yet profoundly affecting work of art.” I am sure Ms. Bradfield’s scholarly, philosophical background will inspire a thoughtful discussion on music, art and life—and provide the kind of deep insight into the music a mere concert could never provide.

The event begins at 6:00pm and admission is free. Zeitgeist Gallery is located at 1819 21st Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37212. I hope you to see you there!

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