May 15, 2011

Sun Ra Sunday

Beyond The Fringe

These things only come around a couple times a year, so I got up this morning and headed over to the Holiday Inn by the airport for the Alpha Music Record Collectors’ Convention. I got there just after they opened and the tiny meeting room was already jam packed with fanatical record fiends. Wow! I didn’t find any Sun Ra records (and I didn’t really expect to) but I did find a few treasures (see if you can pick them out of this coming week’s playlist!). Consequently, I spent the rest of the day cleaning records and listening to them; so, no time to write a big review. Honestly, the next Sun Ra album in the queue is one the strangest records in a very strange discography and I’m more than a little intimidated. Check in next week and see if I’ve found the words to describe it. I’m not making any promises!


By the way, I see the re-constituted Saturn label has reissued The Soul Vibrations of Man (Saturn 771) (1977) on vinyl only. Has anyone out there heard these new Saturn LPs? Any information you could share would be most appreciated! I see them around sometimes and wonder how they sound (as nice as the Evidence CDs are, they went a little overboard with the noise reduction, in my opinion). However, with no CD issue of this one in sight, I might have to pick it up and find out for myself. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe this means its companion, Taking A Chance On Chances (Saturn 772), will also be forthcoming…?

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yotte said...

Hi Rodger,
I got my copy of Soul Vibrations of Man last week and to my ears it sounds exactly like the copy I downloaded last year. It was almost as if they came from the same lp!