May 3, 2013

Secret Keeper - One Week from Today!

One week from today, Secret Keeper, the duo of Stephan Crump and Mary Halvorson will be making their Nashville debut on May 10 at "Indeterminacies" at Zeitgeist Gallery, in their new digs at 516 Hagen Street. Curator and writer Veronica Kavass has generously agreed to lead the interactive discussion segments, which will make this much more than just a concert. It will be a critical examination of artistic creativity and audience reception. I am thrilled to be involved in making this happen! The event starts at 7:00pm and is free and open to the public.


In commemoration of the event, next week I will be posting the (mostly) unexpurgated transcript of the interview I did with Ms. Halvorson back in December for Spectrum Culture. It's an hour-long conversation, so I will have to break it into three parts. Look for part one on Tuesday!


In the meantime, there's Opeth.

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