September 27, 2015

Playlist Week of 2015-09-26

* Rameau: Pièces de Clavecin en concerts (Leonhardt, et al.) (Telefunken LP)
* Reger: Clarinet Quintet, Op.146 (Leister/Drolc Quartet) (DG LP)
* Charles Mingus: Passions of A Man: Complete Atlantic Recordings (d.4-5) (Atlantic/Rhino 6CD)
* Wayne Shorter: High Life (Verve CD)
* Herbie Hancock: The Prisoner (Blue Note CD)
* Keith Jarrett: Bop-Be (Impulse! LP)
* Muhal Richard Abrams: Vision Towards Essence (Pi CD)
* Terje Rypdal: Waves (ECM LP)
* Dorothy Ashby: Afro-Harping (Cadet/Verve CD)
* Rabih Abou-Khalil: Blue Camel (Enja CD)
* Rabih Abou-Khalil: Tarab (Enja CD)
* Rabih Abou-Khalil: The Sultan’s Picnic (Enja CD)
* Ariel Kalma: An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings 1972-1979) (RVNG 2LP)
* The Pentangle: Cruel Sister (Reprise LP)
* Strawbs: Grave New World (A&M LP)
* Strawbs: Bursting At The Seams (A&M LP)
* Amazing Blondel: Fantasia Lindum (Island LP)
* Richard Thompson: Daring Adventures Polydor (LP)
* Van Morrison: Into The Music (Warner Bros. LP)
* Van Morrison: Inarticulate Speech of the Heart (Warner Bros. CD)
* Van Morrison: Poetic Champions Compose (Polydor CD)
* Van Morrison: No Guru, No Method, No Teacher (Polydor CD)
* Brian Eno: Here Come The Warm Jets (Island LP)
* Can: Live 1971-1977 (Spoon/Mute 2CD)
* Swell Maps: Collision Time Revisited (Restless/Mute 2LP)
* Mekons: Fear And Whiskey (Sin LP)
* Sunn O))): White 2 (Southern Lord CD)
* Ensemble Pearl: [ensemble pearl] (Thrill Jockey LP)
* Locrian: Infinite Dissolution (Relapse LP)
* The Sword: High Country (Razor & Tie 2LP) †/‡
* Usnea: Usnea (Orca Wolf 2LP)
* Pallbearer: Sorrow And Extinction (20-Buck Spin 2LP)
* Lower Dens: Escape From Evil (Ribbon Music LP)
* London Grammar: If We Wait (Columbia 2LP)



Autumn is one of those times of year when unusual birds show up at the bird feeders, some of them migrating south for the winter -- but other local species seem to come out of hiding as well.

One which I had never seen before was this male Summer Tanager, who was chowing down on suet cake the other day. Thankfully, he let me take a few snaps before flying into the woods. 

I did some research and I think I have seen the female around from time to time -- but she's a rather drab mustard color and I had mistaken her for some kind of oriole.

We do love bird-watching out our kitchen windows!

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