December 1, 2012

Playlist Week of 12-01-12

Street Sign 2012-12-01

* Handel: 12 Solo Sonatas, Op.1 (Academy of Ancient Music/Egarr) (Harmonia Mundi 2CD)
* Debussy: Orchestral Music (New Philharmonia/Cleveland/Boulez) (d.2) (Sony Classical 2CD)
* Andrew Hill: Black Fire (Blue Note CD)
* Andrew Hill: Smokestack (Blue Note CD)
* Andrew Hill: Judgment! (Blue Note CD)
* Steely Dan: Gaucho (MCA DVD-A)
* Big Star: Keep An Eye On The Sky (d.2) (Ardent/Rhino 4CD)
* Animal Collective: Centipede Hz (Domino 2LP/DVD/FLAC)
* Neurosis: Honor Found In Decay (Neurot MP3)†
* King Crimson: Islands (DGM/Inner Knot CD/DVD)
* Mary Halvorson Quintet: Bending Bridges (Firehouse 12 CD)
* Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone: Departure Of Reason (Thirsty Ear CD)
* Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans: Electric Fruit (Thirsty Ear CD)
* Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans: Mechanical Malfunction (Thirsty Ear CD)
* MAP (Mary Halvorson/Tatsua Nakatani/Clayton Thomas): Six Improvisations (H&H CD)
* MAP (Mary Halvorson/Tatsua Nakatani/Reuben Radding): Fever Dream (Taiga 2LP)
* Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up: The Air Is Different (482 Music CD)
* Tom Rainey Trio: Camino Cielo Echo (Intakt CD)
* Opeth: Still Life (Peaceville CD/DVD)
* Opeth: Blackwater Park (Music For Nations/Sony CD/DVD)†
* Opeth: Deliverance (Music For Nations/KOCH CD)†
* Opeth: Damnation (Music For Nations/KOCH CD)†
* Anathema: We’re Here Because We’re Here (KScope CD)†
* Anathema: Weather Systems (The End CD)†
* Katatonia: Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Peaceville CD/CDEP)†
* Katatonia: Viva Emptiness (Peaceville CD)
* Katatonia: Great Cold Distance (Peaceville CD)†
* Katatonia: Night Is The New Day (Peaceville CD)†
* Agalloch: The Mantle (The End CD)†
* Agalloch: The Grey EP (Agalloch/Bandcamp FLAC>CDR)†
* Agalloch: The White EP (Agalloch/Bandcamp FLAC>CDR)†
* Agalloch: Ashes Against The Grain (The End CD)†
* Agalloch: Marrow Of The Spirit (Profound Lore CD)
* Love: Forever Changes (Elektra/Rhino LP+7”)



Somewhere there.


Jean K said...

Andrew Hill must have been in the æther this week. I also played Smokestack and Judgment and both sounded as good as ever.

Sam said...

And I listened to Andrew Hill's Sam Rivers session! Yep, something in the air...

Here are my lists from last week:

Playlist 2012-12-03

*Daniel Barbiero + Chris Videll: Aberration in Pitched Systems
*Anthony Braxton Ensemble: 2012-05-02 Wesleyan (CDR)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: Unheard Voices "Children's Story"
*Colla Parte: 2012-06-21 Fillmore, Washington DC (wav)
*Andrew Hill: The Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions (1963-66) disc 7
*Interstellar Fife and Drum: 2012-06-30 RVA Noise Fest, Strange Matter, Richmond VA (mp3)
*Charles Mingus Sextet: Cornell 1964 (disc 2)
*Charles Mingus: The Complete Bremen Concert
*Charles Mingus: Revenge!
*Charles Mingus: 1964-04-28 Stuttgart (boot LP > CDR)
*New Loft: 2012-08-13 “The Suitability of Persuasion” (wav)
*New Loft: 2012-08-20 “Reboot Recallback” (wav)
*New Loft: 2012-10-08: “In Case of Freak Reincarnation” (wav)
*New Loft: 2012-10-15 “Unrequited Crush” (wav)
*Beach Boys: That’s Why God Made the Radio
*Grateful Dead: 1972-04-29 Hamburg (CDR) “Dark Star”
*Grateful Dead: 1972-05-04 Paris (CDR) "Dark Star"
*Grateful Dead: 1972-05-18 Munich (CDR) "Dark Star"
*Guided By Voices: Vampire On Titus
*George Harrison: Early Takes Volume 1
*Paul McCartney: McCartney II
*Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music
*Sleigh Bells: Reign of Terror
*Supremes: The Supremes (2000 box set) disc 1
*Tad Thaddock: Dalmation Evergreen
*Big Mama Thornton: Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings
*Various artists: District of Noise Vol. 5: 20x20 Second Fragments (mp3)
*Who: Magic Bus
*Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Psychedelic Pill

Reading List 2012-12-03:

*Proust, Marcel. In Search of Lost Time, vol. IV: Sodom and Gomorrah, transl. Scott-Moncrieff/Kilmartin, rev. Enright (reread/started)
*Proust, Marcel. In Search of Lost Time, vol. III: The Guermantes Way, transl. Scott-Moncrieff/Kilmartin, rev. Enright (reread/finished)
*Levin, Richard. Looking for an Argument (in progress)
*Shattuck, Roger. Proust’s Way (in progress)

Rodger Coleman said...

Andrew Hill is always in the aether! My love for his music knows no bounds!