December 7, 2014

Playlist Week of 2014-12-06

* Bal-Kan: Honey And Blood (Hesperion XXI, et al./Savall) (Alia Vox 3SACD)
* Dowland: Complete Lute Works (O’Dette) (d.1-2) (Harmonia Mundi 5CD)
* Stan Link: Concert (1994) For Piano and Computer (Coleman/Link) (WAV)
* AMM: BBC Maida Vale Studios, January 1988 (FM CDR)
* AMM: Live In Allentown USA (Matchless CD)
* AMM: Laminal (d.3) (Matchless 3CD)
* AMM: Museum of Modern Art, Glasgow 1997-06-28 (AUD CDR)
* AMM: International  House, Chicago, IL 2001-04-15 (AUD CDR)
* Sun Ra: Astro Black (Impulse! LP)
* Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet: Illumination! (Impulse! CD)
* Elvin Jones: Mr. Jones (Blue Note LP)
* McCoy Tyner: Reaching Fourth (Impulse! CD)
* McCoy Tyner: Extensions (Blue Note LP)
* McCoy Tyner: Asante (Blue Note LP)
* Muhal Richard Abrams: Mama And Daddy (Black Saint CD)
* Muhal Richard Abrams: Blues Forever (Black Saint CD)
* Eberhard Weber: Yellow Fields (ECM LP)
* Shankar: Pancha Nadai Pallavi (ECM CD)
* Zakir Hussain: Making Music (ECM CD)
* Kris Davis: Massive Threads (Thirsty Ear CD)
* Spring Heel Jack: The Sweetness Of The Water (Thirsty Ear CD)
* Herbie Hancock: Headhunters (Columbia/Legacy CD)
* Flying Lotus: You’re Dead! (Warp 2LP) †
* Steve Roach & Robert Rich: Soma (Hearts of Space CD)
* Grateful Dead: Houston, TX 11/18/72 (GDP/Rhino 2LP)
* Grateful Dead: One From The Vault (GDP/Rhino/Future Days 3LP)
* Grateful Dead: Dave’s Picks Vol.4: Williamsburg, VA 9/24/76 (selections) (GDP/Rhino 3HDCD)
* Curved Air: Airconditioning (Warner Bros. LP)
* Curved Air: Air Cut (Warner Bros. LP)
* U2: Songs Of Innocence (iTunes MP3) †
* Thurston Moore: The Best Day (Matador 2LP) †
* Amorphis: Eclipse (Nuclear Blast CD)
* Beach House: Beach House (Car Park/Heartbreak Beat LP)
* Beach House: Devotion (Car Park 2LP)
* Beach House: Teen Dream (Sub Pop 2LP)
* Syd Arthur: Sound Mirror (Harvest LP)
* Pallbearer: Sorrow And Extinction (Profound Lore CD)
* Usnea: Usnea (Orca Wolf LP/MP3) †



Much to my surprise, I got a call last week from my friend, composer Stan Link, asking if I would reprise my performance of his Concert (1994) for piano and computer at the upcoming "Free Form Friday" on December 12. He apologized for the last-minute nature of the request, but, of course, I said: "Yes!"

As you may remember, I performed this piece at "Indeterminacies" a little over a year ago (you can listen to a recording of the program here). So, thankfully, it was not that difficult to reacquaint myself with the rather unusual notation. A tablature of Stan's invention, it maps the fingering to Beethoven's Bagatelle Op.126, No.5 -- but leaves pitch and rhythmic decisions up to the performer. Even more disorienting for the pianist, the notation moves vertically rather than horizontally across the page. Meanwhile, Stan has a recording of the Bagatelle loaded onto his laptop which he radically processes utilizing AudioMulch software. While I was terrified at the first performance, I have overcome my fear and have grown to love the piece as I become more familiar with the score, which is ingeniously inventive, strict yet free.

Stan came over yesterday to rehearse and bit and I decided to record the proceedings in my home studio. We did three versions while trying different approaches to the material, with varying degrees of success. Finally, the last take produced a remarkable 10-minute performance wherein we were truly interacting with each other. While talking about the piece, Stan told me he appreciates how I am willing to improvise within the "straightjacket" he's given me. What he envisioned as a kind of "choreography" is becoming something approaching actual music.

"Free Form Friday" takes place at The Black Box Theatre located in Nashville's Centennial Park (home of the ersatz  Parthenon). Music starts at 8:00pm with the Voight-Kampff Duo, followed by Stan Link at 9:00, all illuminated by by Dig Deep Lights. Oh, and admission is TOTALLY FREE -- so don't miss it!

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Sam said...

Hey, I didn't know there were any recordings of this show! Cool beans. will get to that this week.

In the meanwhile, here are my lists from last week:

Playlist 2014-12-08:

*Marshall Allen/Elliott Levin/Tim Harding/Sam Byrd: 2007-12-13 Richmond VA (CDR)
*Daniel Barbiero: “Sound Row No. 5 for Prepared Double bass with Object Contintuo (excerpt)” (mp3)
*Paul Bley: Introducing Paul Bley
*Boris Bobby Jr.: 2012-06-12 Ghost Print Gallery, Richmond VA (wav)
*Boris Bobby: 2012-09-29 Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC (Sonic Circuits Festival) (DVD)
*Anthony Braxton: Composition 96
*Anthony Braxton Quartet: 1985-06-28 Nickelsdorf (CDR)
*Rodger Coleman & Sam Byrd: 2014-11-25 Nashville (wav)
*Marilyn Crispell/Gary Peacock/Paul Motian: Nothing Ever Was, Anyway (disc 1)
*Mary Halvorson Quintet: Saturn Sings
*Joe Henderson: The Blue Note Years (disc 1)
*Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: Toward the Margins
*Sun Ra: Nubians of Plutonia
*Sun Ra: Dance of Innocent Passion “Dance of Innocent Passion”
*Cecil Taylor Feel Trio: Two Ts for a Lovely T (disc 6)
*Cecil Taylor: Burning Poles (DVD-R)
*Cecil Taylor Quartet: 1998-12-05 Yoshi's, Oakland (CDR) (disc 1)
*Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans: Electric Fruit
*Larry Young: Of Love and Peace
*Bubble Puppy: A Gathering of Promises
*Elvis Costello & the Attractions: Imperial Bedroom
*Dawn of Midi: 2014-11-17 Cincinnati (CDR)
*Deerhoof: La Isla Bonita
*Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!
*Mastodon: Crack the Skye
*Opeth: Pale Communion
*Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
*Sportsman’s Paradise: Welcome to Paradise
*Stock, Hausen, & Walkman: Organ Transplants Vol. 1
*Wig Drop: Wig Drop

Reading List 2014-12-08:

*Lock, Graham. “‘What I Call a Sound’: Anthony Braxton’s Synaesthetic Ideal and Notations for Improvisers” (finished)
*Barnes, Julian. Nothing To Be Frightened Of (in progress)
*Erikson, Steven. Memories of Ice (reread/in progress)