November 1, 2016

Playlist Week of 2016-10-29

* J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations & Canons (Egarr) (Harmonia Mundi 2CD)
* Miles Davis: Ascenseur pour L’Echafaud Complete (Fontana/Polygram CD)
* John Coltrane: A Love Supreme (Impulse/Universal BD)
* Tom Dissevelt: El Fascinante Mundo de la Musica Electronica (Sonitron LP)
* Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music (Sublime Frequencies 2LP)
* Genesis: From Genesis To Revelation (London LP)
* Genesis: Trespass (ABC/Impulse! LP)
* Can: Ege Bamyasi (Spoon/Mute SACD)
* Can: Future Days (Spoon/Mute SACD)
* Can: Soon Over Babaluma (Spoon/Mute SACD)
* Klaus Schulze: Dune (Brain LP)
* Gong: Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1: Flying Teapot (Virgin LP)
* Daevid Allen: Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life (Tapioca LP)
* Daevid Allen: N’Existe Pas! (Charly LP)
* Steve Hillage: Live Herald (Virgin 2LP)
* Steve Hillage: Open (Virgin LP)
* Le Orme: In Concerto (Philips LP)
* Grobschnitt: Jumbo (Brain LP)
* Tasavalan Presidenti: Lambertland (Sonet LP)
* Goblin: Roller (Cinevox LP)
* Goblin: Contamination OST (Cinevox LP)
* Goblin: Tenebre OST (Conevox LP)
* Richard Pinhas/Tatsuya Yoshida/Masami Akita: Process and Reality (Cuneiform CD)
* Steve Roach: Dreaming..Now, Then: A Retrospective (d.1) (Celestial Harmonies 2CD)
* Au Pairs: Playing With A Different Sex (Human LP)
* Stephen Malkmus & Friends: Can’s Ege Bamyasi (Matador LP)
* Steven Wilson: Hand. Cannot. Erase. (KScope BD)
* Steven Wilson: 4 ½ (KScope BD)
* Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain (Mute CD)
* Graves At Sea: The Curse That Is (Relapse 2LP)
* Survive: RR7349 (Relapse LP)
* Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Stranger Things Vol.1 OST (Netflix/Lakeshore 2LP)



Last Sunday I drove over to Murfreesboro for another record show. It was a small group of vendors -- but that guy was there again...

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